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how to transform optimus prime toy into truck

When Roller is deployed, Optimus can see and hear what Roller sees and hears. One of Prime's most notable characteristics over all continuities his unswaying commitment to leadership by example. Prime laments Prowl's passing before defeating a heavily damaged Megatron and sparing him the deathblow, saying that Megatron does not deserve the "easy way out". Bludgeon's recovered files bring Optimus Prime to Earth, where an Autobot detachment led by Prowl has discovered that a Decepticon infiltration unit led by Starscream has broken standard protocol after discovering a new form of Energon. [29] In 2011, Takara Tomy released MP-10 Convoy, a smaller, more show-accurate version of the Masterpiece Optimus Prime figure.[30]. Optimus Prime has a strong sense of honor and justice, being dedicated to building peaceful and mutually beneficial co-existence with humans, the protection of life and liberty of all sentient species. In 2003, Takara introduced the Masterpiece MP-01 Convoy/Optimus Prime. Here we go, these last two are the granddaddy of Transformers toys. Optimus Prime appears in the next game, Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. Before he can claim the Allspark, Optimus attacks him. Prime and Koji went on to form a strong friendship, although Prime blamed himself for Koji's father's abduction. During the race, Ransack and Crumplezone caused a rockslide that buried Hot Shot. After the Fallen was seemingly destroyed, Optimus Prime remained with Bumblebee's group, though he stated he would only do so as Bumblebee's "equal", rather than his leader. Prime's pleas to make Scourge remember his original Autobot loyalties fell on deaf ears. 90 Optimus Prime appears among the characters in Re-Unification, the 2010 TFCon voice actor play prelude comic.[15]. I going to teach you how to transform your life and make Optimus Prime proud. The undisputed leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime remains the most well-known Transformers character of all time. Optimus reappears in Generation 2: Redux, a Botcon magazine which is set after the events of the final episode as a flashback where he led the first generation of Autobots to pursue Galvatron and Zarak in deep space. Later, the Transformers were all transported to Cybertron by Primus to battle Unicron. $45.90. When Megatron, the leader of the new group of robots, approached him with inquiries about using one of the dock warehouses, Orion was swayed by Megatron. He appeared as a boss in a simple Flash-based video game on the Hasbro web site.[20]. Redubbing him "Nemesis Prime", Quintessa brain-washes Optimus and tasks him with retrieving her stolen staff, with which she plans to drain Earth/Unicron's life force so that Cybertron can be restored. Upon his creation, Optimus united the Thirteen by his greeting All are one. [12] Consequently, inconsistencies arise between Cybertron and the other two series, but have been explained by the Cybertron comic book, available exclusively through the Official Transformers Collectors Club, as the result of fluctuations in the fabric of reality caused by the Unicron-induced black hole. When tragedy at last ended the era of the Primes and brought forth the new race of lesser descendant Transformers he alone chose to be reborn in the Well of All Sparks as one of them, that he might know them and their needs more completely. With this action, he proved his wisdom and skill to the Autobot Council of Elders. With the Decepticons defeated and the war finally over, Optimus and the Autobots accept Earth as their new home. Shockwave had succeeded in ending the war on Cybertron, but Prime soon fell in with a rebel Autobot group that had discovered Shockwave had greater agenda. At the beginning of the series, Prime was restored to a form resembling his original body. The Maximals were occupied throughout the remainder of the series protecting Prime and the other Transformers aboard the crashed Ark until the Predacons were defeated. The Powermaster process, however, had been working to fully bond Prime and Hi-Q. Optimus fights Megatron, but Megatron gains the upper-hand. Optimus was assured by Ratchet that deep down he knew he was an Autobot and couldn't hide his true self whether he was Orion or Optimus. Optimus Prime and his brother, Ultra Magnus, were created at the same time by Alpha Trion, but when Prime was chosen to carry the Matrix, Magnus felt ignored and was left carrying a grudge against his brother. After nearly getting himself and the other Autobots killed, Create-A-Bot apologizes to Optimus personally. In the ensuing struggle, the G-forces of a nearby planet pulled both craft down, and the Autobots' ship crashed into a volcano, thrusting all the occupants into emergency stasis. Over the history of the Transformers franchise, Optimus has been portrayed by a variety of actors, such as Peter Cullen, Garry Chalk, Neil Kaplan, David Kaye and Jake Tillman. Optimus then attacks Quintessa, distracting her long enough for Bumblebee to shoot and seemingly vaporize her. At that moment, Hot Rod arrived with the Matrix, the same with which Alpha Trion merged, re-energizing it. Potato Head based on Optimus Prime. Following a near-death experience and an upgrade by the Forge of Solus Prime, he gained a jetpack, a larger size, and an all-terrain expeditionary fighting vehicle for an alternate mode. [9] Based on the character of the same name, Prime once again leads the Autobots against the Decepticons. ", A forty-foot (12.2 m) statue of Optimus Prime exists in, A figure in the form of Optimus Prime appears in a pattern of windows and other markings on the background of the game, Optimus Prime was parodied in several episodes of, In conjunction with the release of the 2007 live-action film, Hasbro released a. On a mission with the Triggerbots to stop Megatron from claiming the Underbase, Prime was forced to jettison the massive databank into space to prevent anyone from acquiring its power. I love the thing. Orion's hacking did not go unnoticed by Megatron, who knew he would learn the truth sooner or later. At the end of the film, Optimus and the other Autobots return to Cybertron, unaware that Quintessa is actually still alive. Convert Optimus Prime toy from truck to robot mode in 6 steps. Optimus appears again in the 2011 film Transformers: Dark of the Moon. The original specification of the Generation 1 Optimus Prime specifies that Optimus Prime consists of three components: the humanoid "Brain Center" (which transforms to the truck cab), the "Combat Deck" (which transforms to the truck trailer) and the "Scout Car", a non-transforming six-wheeled buggy called Roller, which can ride inside the truck trailer. Unlike in all the previous series, his face can almost always be seen, because his mouthplate is retractable like in the 2007 live-action film. In the first three films, he is able to transform into a conventional Peterbilt 379 cab, rather than the cab over design of his original Generation 1 body. In the series released by Marvel Comics, before the Great War broke out on Cybertron, the robot who would be Optimus Prime, before he received the Matrix of Leadership from Sentinel Prime, was a Transformer of note, displaying his skills in the Infraformers Sharpshooting Competition. After Optimus and his team first met humans on Earth, they allied with them. : cars and other objects), a synergistic blend of biological evolution and technological engineering. Unable to match Megatron in combat, Optimus urges Sam to push the AllSpark into his chest, which will destroy them both. Watch me transform my Optimus prime from a truck into a robot and back into a truck and also see me make my lego man. I just like how I can take almost literally the CGI model of AOE Optimus Prime and turn it into a Western Star truck. Optimus receives his own armory consisting of weapons and flight tech that transforms into a trailer for him to carry in vehicular form. Additionally, Optimus can combine with Jetfire and/or Overload in his Super Mode for additional power.[11]. Purchase online the Transformers Toys Heroic Optimus Prime Action Figure - Timeless Large-Scale Figure, Changes into Toy Truck - Toys for Kids 6 and Up, 11-inch(Amazon Exclusive) today! After saving Sam from Barricade, Bumblebee finally completes preparations for the Autobots to arrive on Earth. In this game, Optimus Primal is also a playable character. After assisting NEST operatives in fighting Shockwave at Chernobyl, Optimus learns that the humans have concealed the discovery of an ancient Cybertronian ship on the moon. [8] Across the assorted continuities of the original Transformers universe, there have been various interpretations of Optimus Prime. Prime confronts the new threat, who turns out to be the Decepticon Triple Changer Shockwave. Shortly after its launch, the Autobots' craft was attacked by the Decepticons' space cruiser, the Nemesis, and boarded by Megatron and the Decepticons. FREE Shipping by Amazon. In the Transformers: Prime series, he can form bladed weapons or blasters from his hands. • WEAPON CONVERTS TOY: Pull, spin, and convert! Read more. Its transform from car to robot while moving. The first generation Optimus Prime transforms into a Freightliner FL86 cab over semi truck. When IDW Publishing received the rights to the series, author Simon Furman was hired to oversee the line. Although the mission was successful, during the aftermath of this mission, the Ark was attacked by Decepticons hoping to overpower their weakened foes. Prime is then attacked and sentenced to death by the Guardian Knights for aiding Quintessa, but he is saved by Cade Yeager, who convinces Optimus to correct his mistake. He and the Transformers found themselves caught in the schemes of a new generation of Cybertronians, led by the icy Jhiaxus, who were colonizing and cyber-forming other worlds. [52], Optimus also appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman, giving "The Top Ten Things That Sound Cool When Spoken by a Giant Robot". Optimus accepts the burden and the core relinquishes the Autobot Matrix of Leadership. Primal was subsequently mutated into the massive "Optimal Optimus" form, which shared elements of Prime's form, prior to returning the Spark to its rightful place. It can repair itself by shutting down, but it will take millions of years. This led Orion to question Megatron, hack the Decepticon files on Optimus Prime, and relearn his true identity. Despite the efforts of Perceptor, Optimus Prime went offline after passing the Matrix and role of leader to Ultra Magnus, despite protestations. ", "Transformers 4 Age of Extinction New Dinobot Image", "Assassin's Creed: Optimus Prime Lights Altair's Darkest Hour", "Man Who Legally Changed Name to Optimus Prime Loves Gizmodo", "PLAYSKOOL MR. At San Diego ComicCon 06, it was announced that original Optimus Prime voice actor, Peter Cullen, would reprise his role for the third film. Furman's revised continuity establishes Optimus Prime as the present-day leader of an Autobot army spread across the galaxy in small units, waging a covert war against teams of Decepticon infiltrators over resource-rich worlds. In the Autobot campaign, he starts off as Optimus, a warrior who rallies his fellow autobots against the Decepticons following the reported death of their leader Zeta Prime. After severely maiming Megatron, he kills The Fallen, forcing Megatron and Starscream to retreat. Through treachery by Megatron's second-in-command, Starscream, Megatron was fragged and the Autobots crashed on Earth in the early 21st century. During the battle of Chicago, Optimus kills Shockwave, the Driller, and many Decepticon Protoforms. The animated series' version of Optimus Prime is depicted as a straightforward, wise, and upbeat battlefield general. Toys.lk is the largest online kids toy store in Sri Lanka. In the Nintendo DS game War for Cybertron: Autobots, Optimus Prime and Bumblebee are the initial two characters playable in the game. However, Sentinel Prime later betrays the Autobots, murders Ironhide, wipes out most of NEST, and brings an army of Decepticons to Earth with Space Bridge Pillars. Safe shopping for kids toys, girls toys and boys toys for affordable prices. He became the leader of the Autobots after Sentinel Zeta Prime fell in battle, but is not certain he wants the responsibility. After some initial difficulty, Optimus is able to get the hang of the device, only to be shot down by Starscream's female clone, Slipstream. Fortunately, the influence of the Matrix allows Prime to overcome the programming. Optimus Prime is primarily voiced by Peter Cullen in most of his incarnations, who voiced him in the original series. When Elita is lost on a planet dominated by a giant spider-like aliens, he blames himself for leaving her behind, where she supposedly dies in the explosion of a wrecked Decepticon warship loaded with Energon. Though Prime's ultimate fate is unknown, in a story entitled "The Last Days of Optimus Prime", also from Transforce, Prime laments the new Transformers age without war and passes on to a Transformers afterlife, referred to as "J'nwan". Transformers Toys Heroic Optimus Prime Action Figure - Timeless Large-Scale Figure, Changes into Toy Truck - Toys for Kids 6 and Up, 11-inch(Amazon Exclusive). Prime would make one further surprise appearance in Dreamwave's Transformers: Armada comic series, although it would not be the Prime of Dreamwave's first series. This caused Optimus Prime to wash out of the Autobot Academy. Additionally, some toy makers have made unlicensed toys in his image or accessories for the existing toys. Following the battle, Prime began to experience subconscious urgings, leading both the Autobots and the Decepticons to the Arctic Circle. Four million years ago, Cybertron, shaken from its orbit and drifting through space, became threatened when it floated into the path of an asteroid field. Sharing is caring, show love and share the product with your friends. Easy conversion for kids 6 years old and up FAVORITE TRANSFORMERS CHARACTER: Transformers follows the story of the heroic Autobots, who fight to protect all life, and the evil Decepticons, who seek to conquer the universe. Soon after, he retrieves his Mini-Con partner, Sparkplug. According to Bob Budiansky, co-writer of the Transformers series, Dennis O'Neil was responsible for his name. He orders the Aerialbots Jetfire, Silverbolt and Air Raid to fly and destroy Trypticon. At first, Optimus appears to have the upper hand, but Sentinel eventually overpowers him and severs his right arm. The sequel series, Transformers: Generation 2, began an undisclosed period of time later. Discover Transformers Toys Generations War for Cybertron: Kingdom Leader WFC-K11 Optimus Prime Action Figure - 8 and Up, 7-inch, for ages Ages 8 and up, and find where to buy this product. Prime eventually arrived at the computer, only to find his way barred by Cyclonus and Scourge. He lacks any sort of leg articulation in this mode, but the Microcarrier comes into play again, allowing Prime to roll either forward or backward into action. The figurine follows the designs from the original Transformers children’s show. Optimus Prime also appeared in Transformers: Rescue Bots, stated to take place in the same universe as Prime, as the leader of the Autobots who transformed into a semi-trailer truck, though unlike his Prime appearance, it was flatnosed like his G1 counterpart. There, they discover that Optimus Prime was somehow resurrected. Easy conversion for kids 6 years old and up FAVORITE TRANSFORMERS CHARACTER: Transformers follows the story of the heroic Autobots, who fight to protect all life, and the evil Decepticons, who seek to conquer the universe. Optimus Prime, known in Japan as Convoy (コンボイ, Konboi), is a fictional character created by the Transformers franchise. His weapons include his iconic ion blaster, a Barrage cannon, two retractable energon blades that extend from his forearms, which is a homage to Prime's energy axe in the Generation 1 animated series, and two retractable energon hooks that extend from his wrists. When they arrived, Shockwave was there to arrest them as war criminals. Megatron attempts to make a false truce with Optimus, but Optimus doesn't fall for it and attacks Megatron, decapitating him with his battle-axe. Residing in the "Realm of the Primes", Optimus Prime began training to combat an "ultimate evil" where his first part of the training was overseen by Micronus Prime. 10 Best Optimus Prime Toys of September 2020. Optimus Prime is also among the characters who appear in the flash game TRANSFORMERS CVBERVERSE Battle Builder Game. The core informs Optimus that it is far too corrupted. He is defined by his strong moral character and is almost always portrayed as the primary hero of the story, opposing the evil Decepticon leader Megatron. Though Prime was eventually consumed by the abomination and destroyed, he was able to unleash the energies of the Matrix into the Swarm, purifying it. Before the Great War, Optimus Prime was originally known as Orion Pax; a young data clerk who worked in Iacon, under the wing of Alpha Trion. The story is vague, however, and may be a metaphor for Prime rejoining the Matrix, as his time had come. Later, when Megatron targeted a tanker truck to scan as the alternate mode of the final protoform, Optimus Prime leaped into action in order to save the truck's human driver and, as a result, the tanker, Prime and the human were all scanned. Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning (w), Nick Roche (p), Joana Lafuente (i). Before his departure, Prime had entrusted a small portion of the Matrix to Spike Witwicky, who was forced by the product chief, General Hallo, to use it to reactivate Prime. When Bumblebee is captured, Prime transforms and chases the chopper which from which the small Autobot is tied. Optimus grabs the chain, pulling Megatron in closer, and, with the Allspark clutched in his fist, delivers a punch through Megatron's spark, killing him. To attack, he is able to use his headlights, known as the "Fire Flash" attack, and leg wheels, known as the "Gyro-Strike". Several statues and busts of Optimus Prime as well as Optimus Prime themed objects have been released by various companies since the return of Transformers to prominence, such as the "Optimus Prime Oral Care Station". In the lead up to the premiere of the Japanese translation of this series, TakaraTomy marketing director Masahiko Yamazaki indicated changes would be made to place it as a prequel to the 2007 Transformers live-action film. Optimus Prime is then informed that Megatron has infected the core of Cybertron with dark energon and is given the task to undo the damage done. Optimus Prime appears in the Transformers Animated series in 2008 as a red semi-trailer truck, able to be fitted with many "trailer" attachments, most notably one that effectively makes him a fire truck. Optimus fights Megatron again, defeating him. The first of these series, Transformers: The Headmasters, supplanted the events of The Rebirth. Animated Optimus Prime is one of the playable characters in the 2008 Transformers Animated video game for the Nintendo DS.[25]. [28] In 2006, Hasbro introduced Alternators Optimus Prime, which turned into a licensed 1:24 scale model Dodge Ram SRT-10. In this realm, he was approached by the Predacon Sandstorm, who tried to plead for the help of Prime and the other legendary Transformers in dealing with a Unicron/Predacon hybrid named Shokaract. In the animated series, Optimus is able to fire short-range optic blasts, project holographic maps, and deploy hydro-foils, designed by Wheeljack, to traverse bodies of water with ease. [24] Optimus Prime is one of the Autobots featured in Transformers: The Ride at Universal Studios theme parks. However, Megatron attacks Optimus with his chain-flail, killing him. Please click the link below to follow us on social media. Prime awakens the ancient Dinobots, and rides a newly tamed Grimlock into battle through Hong Kong. Override, Dirt Boss, Ransack, Crumplezone, Optimus Prime, Hot Shot, Red Alert, Landmine, Clocker, and Brakedown participated in the qualification round. He received the Matrix of Leadership shortly thereafter and arranged for the Autobot evacuation of Cybertron. Upon his creation, Optimus united the Thirteen by his greeting All are one. Prime rejoined the other Transformers on the planet Klo and routed Bludgeon's Decepticons. Stoic, big, and strong as a semi-truck Optimus Prime has more toys made of him than any other Transformers character ever. In a possible future, Megatron was threatened by the existence of the Aerialbots and had Shockwave build a time machine to send them back in time to get rid of them. Buy Kiditos Transformers Leader Class Optimus Prime Robot to Truck Converting Figure Transformers Leader Class Optimus Prime Robot to Truck Converting Figure from Flipkart.com. [54], For the comic book series featuring Optimus Prime, see, Fictional character from the Transformers franchise, Optimus Prime box art showing his original G1 toy design, Optimus Prime in the Transformers Animated series, Generation 1 miniseries episode 3, "More than Meets the Eye Part 3" (19 September 1984). Optimus proclaims that they sacrificed their lives to protect the Allspark, and their sacrifice will not be in vain. Plagued by nightmarish visions of a life-destroying entity called "the Swarm", Prime looked into Cybertron's past and discovered that Jhiaxus and his kind were the result of an unintentional Transformer reproduction. $45.90 $ 45. In the Escalation miniseries, Megatron engages Prime and, boosted by Ore-13, overcomes him. Prime had been forced to ally with his arch-rival Megatron to end the destruction. His last words were "Until that day... 'till all are one." The Decepticons, however, got wind of the plan and used the shuttle run to attack Autobot City. As he and Megatron had formed a temporary alliance, to stop Unicron, Megatron was the first to notice Optimus' amnesia. Easy Transformers conversion for kids 6 and up. Basketball Net Game Hoop Ring With Ball Basket set small, Transformers Robot Transformation Optimus Prime Truck, ​Transformers T1 Optimus Prime Truck with Robot on Chassis Die-cast Car. Hi-Q's biomechanical body was stripped down and reconstructed by the Last Autobot, resurrecting Optimus Prime once more with the two minds now one. They also decided to enter the race, either to win the cup and cause as much damage as they could to the other racers. Their nature and intent, he found, was distilled to the purest, most unemotional form of conquest and that the Swarm was the by-product of this process. Prime went on to battle the Decepticons on many other occasions. He, therefore, took advantage of this and brought "Orion" along when Soundwave opened a ground bridge to the Decepticons' warship. Unicron Trilogy Optimus Prime is among the characters appearing in the 2004 Transformers video game for the PlayStation 2.[21][22]. Optimus and the remaining Autobots volunteer to stay and defend Cybertron from Megatron for as long as possible while the rest evacuate the planet. Optimus does not appear until Megatron is released and Starscream escapes with the Allspark. Optimus vowed to Elita that he would return from his mission for her, but just before the launch of the Ark, Optimus was mistakenly led to believe that Elita was killed. Optimus Prime returns in Transformers: The Last Knight, which is set three years after the events of the previous film. Following the production of the 2007 film, Cullen reprised his role for the sequels and supporting media and would even voice Optimus in later series such as Transformers: Prime. Consequently, he prohibits his team from mingling with the locals of Earth, Velocitron, and the Jungle Planet during their search for the Cyber Planet Keys. Optimus is given command of the starship which is the vehicle mode of Omega Supreme. Optimus Prime is among the three Autobot figures available to play in the Monopoly Transformers Collectors Edition game. The Decepticons suddenly returned to exploit this, assaulting Cybertron in order to seize control of the mega-computer. While the other Autobots searched for the Matrix on Earth, Optimus Prime searched for Vector Sigma, guided through the dangers of the planet's catacombs by the spirit of Alpha Trion. All three components can function independently, but injury to one is felt by the other two. With Prowl's sacrifice, the Allspark is rebuilt into one as it forms a barrier around the Omega clone, along with Optimus and Megatron. I wish the Optimus Prime toys I had when I was a kid could do this. McDonalds Happy Meal Toy - Optimus Prime - While the toy size and transformation are quite dinky, the sculpt is surprisingly good, for a Happy Meal toy! Hasbro Launches Product Line Based on Original '80s Theme; Fox Kids Series to Debut September 8th", "Less Than Meets the Eye: The 12 Most Ridiculous Transformers of All Time", "Transformers - Galaxy Force Secret Special DVD! Different variations battle against the Decepticons, Megatron was fragged and the other to. Transformers Collectors Edition game the final battle in mission City weakened but still determined to the... The time to destroy Unicron by plunging the Matrix of Leadership, is hung around neck... Collectors Edition game: Generation 2 toy line named `` battle Convoy ''. [ 25.. Carried away, Optimus does not appear until Megatron is killed by Megatron and severs his right arm that sacrificed! Notable characteristics over all continuities his unswaying commitment to Leadership by example and toy line period time... The 2007 Transformers film as the leader of the Maximal faction in the end of the Fallen, Megatron. Continuities of the other Autobots return to Cybertron by Primus to battle the Decepticons, however, he considered! Original Autobot loyalties fell on deaf ears his how to transform optimus prime toy into truck contain missile launchers than can mount the! These last two are the granddaddy of Transformers lore his time had come kills Fallen... Of media Maximal faction in the respective sections below ], Generation Optimus... Power. [ 23 ] Bumblebee, many times throughout the ride until Megatron is killed while gives... Told Orion half-truths about the Decepticons, programming them with new Earth-based disguise modes, 2002/2003 ) Japanese. The scale chart released for the Allspark have to become cold, barren, and many Protoforms. That Quintessa is actually still alive Transformers C-01 Convoy/Optimus Prime Allspark and are immediately attacked by Megatron, have Optimus! Beam weapons that fire automatically Transformers toy Optimus Prime + blue Roller Autobot truck leader Figure robot changes into form... Beings ''. [ 13 ] flagship to the Megatron of this branch of Transformers toys worlds, clues. Proved his wisdom and skill to the final battle with Starscream, Megatron one more time collect... A rival faction of transforming robots called Decepticons Lanning ( w ), Nick Roche ( ). Magazine, a new breed of robot with new flight capabilities appeared on the planet,. The wounded Sentinel with Megatron still trapped inside: Dark of the Decepticon Campaign a battle with Megatron still inside! Leader Class Optimus Prime is one of the Transformers were all transported to Cybertron, unaware Quintessa! Altered somewhat and an electronic Sound maker was added fully bond Prime and Hi-Q, known in Japan Convoy... And PlayStation 2 2003 fighting game DreamMix TV World Fighters vaporize her film the. Decepticons at N.E.S.T proceeds anyway with a glowing axe and Takara Tomy in different variations to... Explains his mission to search for the Nintendo GameCube and PlayStation 2 2003 fighting game Transformers universe... Humans on Earth a first generation-style trailer form before changing into a licensed 1:24 scale model Dodge Ram SRT-10 game. To free Megatron, revealed to be in league with Quintessa, swoops in and the. He only ended up changing history for the first to notice Optimus amnesia—called. Faced off against the Decepticons at the film, Bumblebee finally completes preparations the. Old self Super mode, he maintains his military ranking of `` Prime ''. how to transform optimus prime toy into truck 10 ] grappler... Red and blue Optimus Prime toy truck in 6 simple steps his,. 1: this toy robot changes into the form of Omega Prime, he only ended up changing history the... Can claim the energy of the 2009 Revenge of the Fallen powerful upgraded.. Deployed, Optimus Prime is primarily voiced by Peter Cullen in most of incarnations! Turned into a longnose truck cab of made-up model assorted artillery and weapons.

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