How CDP is different than a data warehouse


Draw upon the knowledge and experience we have gained from over 20 years of working with asset managers. Fast-forward your project by working with those who understand your business and have helped similar firms achieve their goals.

Put our experience to work

Whether you’re looking to improve efficiency or want to know what you should be looking out for when considering a new data source, or implementing new technology, we can provide guidance.

We are solely focused on the asset management industry. Our experience allows us to better understand your challenges, improve your deployment time, and minimize costs associated with the learning curve involved with this industry.

Our consulting process

Define the engagement

We work with you to understand and map out your project goals. Together, we define your current state, desired future state, and the most effective way to successfully complete the project.

Determine KPI's

Once we have identified the desired future state, we collaborate with you to establish key performance indicators (KPI's) that can help measure our progress and your future success.

Assign resources

We have a unique team with unmatched industry knowledge. We’ll work together to allocate resources with the expertise required to most effectively execute on your project plan.

Document & present results

We find and document opportunities for improvement from system enhancements to streamlining data management processes. We present our analysis, recommendations, and proposed action plan, so you can move forward with a solid plan in place.

Schedule & execute plan

We work with you to prioritize and schedule enhancements to maximize your time and investment.

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