Managed data service

SalesPage offers a managed data service through LumaSuite. LumaSuite standardizes your data from broker dealer data packs and third-parties to drive more intelligent distribution. LumaSuite is available as a standalone service or bundled with any of SalesPage’s family of products. 

Gain clarity with data standardization

When you outsource data standardization with our service bureau, we take your third-party sources, from broker dealer data packs to a one-off list from an LPL conference, and provide the option of securely reconciling those sources with your existing FORPT (Firm, Office, Rep, Partnership, Team) data. To learn more about SalesPage’s data services, you can contact us or visit LumaSuite.

How LumaSuite works

How LumaSuite managed data service works

Each third-party data source typically has slightly different demographic and intelligence data, in a unique format and with data elements that can change often. (Broker dealer data packs vary the most over time and from one another.) Our service aggregates your data sources, applies business rules that we define with you, standardizes the data, and provides it back to you as a standard file set.

LumaSuite use case

Lumasuite managed data service use case

You have three data sources with demographic and intelligence data about a rep, John Smith. When those sources are processed by LumaSuite, we compare and consolidate information from each source, and then provide you with rep outbound files that show a comprehensive view of John Smith according to your business and data strategies.

Powered by SalesPage

Powered by SalesPage’s technology and service bureau, we consolidate, standardize, and return your third-party data in a set of consistent and reliable files that can be easily consumed in your enterprise systems (e.g. CRM, marketing, analytics), data warehouses, or data lakes.

LumaSuite is available for firms that verify they either own the data involved or have properly licensed that data from third-party sources. Prior to processing data, SalesPage will certify that we’re compliant with licensing requirements for third-party data use.

Want greater ROI on third-party data?