Asset management CRM

CRM designed for the unique requirements of asset managers that provides a tailored experience for every channel. Whether you are in relationship management, intermediary sales, institutional sales, RIA, or DCIO, leverage functionality built specifically for different roles. Internal and external wholesalers, national accounts, sales operations, and sales management—everyone gets the tools they need.

Two options for industry-specific CRM

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SalesPage Enterprise

A master data management (MDM) solution for medium-to-large asset managers, SalesPage Enterprise consolidates sales and entity data, manages territories, and reports sales in a single distribution data platform and presents that information through an asset management-specific CRM. SalesPage Enterprise, plus CRM, is ideal for medium-to-large asset managers needing the advantage of a distribution data platform that is industry-specific and that can handle complex data integration and firm-specific requirements.

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SalesStation for Salesforce

An industry-specific Salesforce CRM application, managed by SalesStation. SalesStation captures, processes, and normalizes your advisor data from disparate sources. Once your data is in SalesStation's warehouse, it's augmented with additional sources like Discovery Data. SalesStation's stewardship team reconciles your Omnibus transactions and updates your client data with advisor changes. The result is clean, high-quality advisor data that can be leveraged through our library of reports and integrated with our SalesStation for Salesforce managed CRM application designed for asset managers.

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CRM built for you - SalesPage Enterprise

SalesPage’s asset management CRM includes standard functionality that’s essential for engaging with prospects and managing your day. But features tailored to asset management distribution distinguish our CRM from that of our competitors.

  • Personas

    Streamline your workday by honing the user experience around specific roles. Whether you’re a wholesaler, a relationship manager, or on the senior management team, we prioritize the content and tools that are important to you.

  • Call list & campaign management

    Allow sales management, marketing, and wholesalers to more easily create and manage multiple campaigns. SalesPage’s call list allows wholesalers to engage with the right rep at the right time, and have the relevant information to facilitate a successful call.

  • Multiple distribution channels

    Support intermediary, institutional, and wealth management channels. Each channel organizes and manages data differently, engages with different types of connections, and employs different sales processes. SalesPage provides you with the ability to manage these channels uniquely while providing enterprise-wide data management and sales reporting through our distribution data platform.

  • Team management

    Track and manage financial advisor teams. By establishing connections and leveraging underlying production and activity data, we help you identify, target, and sell to teams. SalesPage also offers Advisor Atlas team data, which you can bundle into SalesPage Enterprise or SalesStation.

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Which SalesPage solution is right for you?