Data stewardship & trade processing

We provide data stewardship and trade processing tools that turn data into business intelligence and gives your team a competitive advantage.

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Process & validate production data

In the asset management industry, there’s no substitute for being able to handle data quickly and accurately, and SalesPage Enterprise, our distribution data platform, does exactly that. SalesPage manages production data from all sources and across all distribution channels, including transfer agents, separately managed accounts, retirement platforms, market share providers, and entity data providers. SalesPage facilitates and automates importing, validating, resolving, and allocating all this data, employing client-specific business rules and definitions.

Keep data current, reliable, and verifiable

To effectively distribute products, you need current, reliable, and verifiable trade, flow, and asset data. Our current asset manager clients use SalesPage to:

  • Validate and reconcile data for all intermediary trades and assets
  • Associate data with existing information housed in other systems
  • Simplify consolidating sales data, managing territories, and reporting sales
  • Gain visibility into key customers to see where to focus efforts

We have configured feeds from all of the major data providers in the industry. Currently, that’s at least 174 unique data feeds; that number climbs as new sources and providers enter the market.

Gain intelligence

With SalesPage, you can:

  • Extract the information you need to make informed decisions quickly
  • View production summaries via dashboards and production profiles
  • Actively pull data for firms, offices, reps, accounts, and trades
  • Closely scrutinize your data, drilling into data sets you define

Having accurate production, market share, and entity data at your fingertips helps you identify opportunities quickly and easily while targeting prospects intelligently with the right message at the right time.

Share insights across teams

SalesPage Enterprise curates intelligence from all touchpoints, contributes to your data warehouse and lakes, and provides a better experience for your teams by translating multiple data sources into a single version of the truth.

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How does it work?

You can use tools in SalesPage Enterprise or have us provide you with a data service to accurately process feeds in a timely manner. You (or we) use SalesPage to ensure data accuracy by:

  1. Identifying type and frequency
  2. Looking up and matching data from multiple sources
  3. Applying client-specific business rules

Which SalesPage solution is right for me?