Team data

Advisor Atlas compiles and verifies advisor and team information using a patent-pending process for ensuring data quality. Visit Advisor Atlas to learn more and check out the benefits of bundling with SalesPage, below.

Why you need team data

There’s been an explosion in team relationships in recent years. Fifty-percent or more of house and large regional advisors are now members of a functional group. Having access to accurate team data, including contact and team role information for registered and non-registered members, facilitates marketing efficiencies, greater ROI on campaigns, and streamlined territory management initiatives.

The challenge for most firms is the constant change in the composition of teams and their members. On average there is a 5-10% monthly change in financial advisor data. Advisor Atlas collects, compiles, and quality checks advisor data—including wirehouse and regional firms—and maintains a master database of more than 800,000 U.S. financial services professionals and 26,000 active dealers.

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SalesPage Advisor Atlas team data

Benefits of bundling with SalesPage

SalesPage was the first software solution to provide asset managers with the ability to manage teams and related data; the goal was to make sure you had insight into how your products were sold. Advisor Atlas is considered the industry leader of team data. They compile and verify comprehensive advisor and team information using a patent-pending process for ensuring data quality. Bundling Advisor Atlas team data with SalesPage Enterprise, our distribution data platform delivers the following benefits:

  • Provides ongoing rule-based support for importing Advisor Atlas data and handling it appropriately
  • Automatically creates team data and profiles, according to your rules
  • Augments team data with your territory and channel structures, as well as your sales data
  • Optimizes the availability of up-to-date team data in searches and queries 
  • Enables utilization of team data in sales and marketing campaigns

How the SalesPage team data bundle works

In SalesPage, Advisor Atlas team data is matched to your master client data, the gold standard for firms, offices/branches, reps/advisors, and partnerships/splits. Advisor Atlas data provides a supplemental perspective for your master client data, one that can be used to update or add to it, using an appropriate blend of rules-based processing and manual stewardship. If you also subscribe to LumaSuite, our managed data service, we can manage both the rules and stewarding the data, providing you with standardized, stand-alone data files that are consolidated and can be easily consumed by your enterprise systems.

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SalesPage bundle use cases

Is your firm just starting to build up team and partnership intelligence? The SalesPage Advisor Atlas team bundle provides the data, ensures that it’s updated in your master client data source, and augments your team knowledge over time.

Does your firm have existing intelligence from an internal source (e.g. identified by your sales team) or another third-party provider? This bundle expands that intelligence with another source.

The beauty of bundling Advisor Atlas and SalesPage is that you are always in charge of your data: you can determine the rules that prioritize and rank your sources. For example, a rule can indicate that if Advisor Atlas has a team record where the master client data has none, a team is added automatically based on the Advisor Atlas data. Or, if Advisor Atlas data conflicts with the master client data regarding a team, a rule can flag the Advisor Atlas team for review by a person who’ll decide how to use it. Your operations team—or, if you subscribe to LumaSuite, the SalesPage team—can work through data flagged for review, choosing if and how information in the master client data should be added to or updated based on Advisor Atlas data.

Bundle options

We offer three options for bundling Advisor Atlas team data with one of our products:

  1. Bundled with SalesPage Enterprise. Bundling provides the best team management tools coupled with the best team data, in a single platform that can be leveraged across your entire asset management organization. For added service, you can also elect to subscribe to Lumasuite and have the SalesPage service bureau reconcile team data on your behalf.
  2. Bundled with SalesStation. Bundling team data with other data sources you have running through SalesStation ensures you have a more complete picture of your clients and prospects. 
  3. Bundled with LumaSuite. As a data standardization service, bundling in Advisor Atlas team data allows us to combine team intelligence along with your master data and other data feeds you’re having us handle through the service. 

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