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banshee season 1

Calvin Bunker brings a large posse of men to Proctor's house, and threatens to kill him, but Senator Mitchum, a secret leader of the Brotherhood, emerges from the house, removes Calvin from authority, and sends the men away. Deva is caught shoplifting but escapes any consequences by threatening the security guard with an allegation of sexual assault. With Hood in prison under suspicion of the serial murders, Proctor arrives, intending to murder him. He repays that kindness by killing her and her neighbour. Meanwhile, Kai Proctor begins trying to earn Lucas's loyalty by warning him about the Moody Brothers, a local gang, but Lucas is determined to stay clean as he continues to build his new identity. Banshee is an American crime drama television series created by Jonathan Tropper and David Schickler for Cinemax. George, a member of the Kinaho tribal council, uses this to question Alex's position as chief. She continues to try to reach out to Gordon and Deva with little success. Daniel Moses, a friend of Solomon who escaped the Amish life, reveals that a zealous Amish teacher named Jonah was violent towards both himself and Solomon. The name of the killer is Declan Bode. Proctor uses torture to find where Jonah is hiding Solomon. Hood, Sugar, and Job blow up Proctor's factory, much to Brock's shock and amazement. After serving 15 years in prison for stealing diamonds from Ukrainian gangster Rabbit (Ben Cross), the unnamed protagonist (Antony Starr) travels to Banshee to find his heist accomplice and former lover, Anastasia (Ivana Miličević). Proctor sends a hit team, led by Deputy Cruz, to Carrie's house. Series Premiere. As the assault takes, Hood has flashbacks to when he was trained by a recruiter named Dalton. While this is going on, Siobhan's violent ex-husband is back in town and pleads with her to remove a pre-existing restraining order so he can take a nearby job offered by his cousin. The skinheads that Hood and Emmett confronted in the previous episode attack Emmett's wife and she loses their baby. Rebecca fires at the retreating kidnappers’ vehicle to no effect. Chayton and the Red Bones begin their all out assault on the Banshee sheriff's office. Format: Multiple Formats, Box set, Full Screen, NTSC, Subtitled Later, when the incoming Sheriff is killed, the protagonist takes on his identity as Lucas Hood, becoming the town's new Sheriff, using his own brand of unorthodox methods. Carrie, Sugar, Job and the three deputies go to Rabbit's outpost to save Lucas and a shootout occurs. Carrie is released from prison and Lucas takes her to a house he had bought for them fifteen years ago before he had been arrested. At a Neo-Nazi rally, Kurt hides in the distance and takes aim at Watts with a sniper rifle; he is stopped from shooting by Brock who persuades him to take Watts down via policing. Lucas and Carrie then return to Banshee, where Lucas has a heart to heart conversation with Sugar. The body is cast into the waiting river. Brock and Hood are then attacked and knocked unconscious by Dr. David Quick, the back-alley plastic surgeon. Kai is re-joining the church of his family when armed men arrive and take him and Emily away. Proctor picks up a young girl who reminds him of Rebecca, only to be infuriated by his memories of Rebecca's disloyalty to him and attack the girl. Rabbit tortures Lucas and prepares to kill him when Carrie arrives. SPEDIZIONE GRATUITA su ordini idonei At a fetish bar, the owner identifies a photograph that Hood has. In the ensuing struggle, Proctor's lawyer is killed while unlocking his cell, Bill is shot by Chayton with a bow, and Kurt is severely wounded. Hood and Gordon launch an all out assault on Stowe's compound while Proctor, Burton, Rebecca, and the leader of the Salvadorans launch an attack on Frasier and his men. Brock hasn't moved on from Emmett's death, and is then shown having a drink at his grave. Job informs Hood of Carrie's vendetta against the criminals. Banshee sees Hood struggle with adapting to his new identity while dealing with the machinations of local crime lord Kai Proctor (Ulrich Thomsen), and remaining hidden from Rabbit. Seasons 4, 3, 2, 1. Hood is arrested by FBI Special Agent Robert Phillips (. Lucas and Carrie then confront Rabbit, who sits alone on a bench behind the church. where she assaults a customer for a groping her behind. 10 episodes. Using evidence provided by a white supremacist, Arno, Lucas and Emmet are able to arrest Proctor for the murder of Hanson. She complies but is soon attacked by him shortly after, leading to her brutally beating him over the head with a bible. Sugar and Brock are wounded. "Truths Other Than the Ones You Tell Yourself". La quarta e ultima stagione della serie televisiva Banshee - La città del male (Banshee), composta da otto episodi, è stata trasmessa sul canale statunitense Cinemax dal 1º aprile al 20 maggio 2016.. Carrie intimidates the new D.A. This time she single-handedly torches a distribution center run by the white supremacists. Season 1 1x10 "A Mixture of Madness" Aired 7 years ago - Mar 15, 2013 In flashback, it is shown that Rebecca Bowman maintained contact with Hood after he went off the grid, and set him up in the cabin on Proctor's land. Rebecca wakes up in bed with Proctor. The scene ends with Hood, Siobhan, Brock and the unlikely applicant for the vacant deputy post, Kurt Bunker within the Banshee sheriff's office - with Chayton and his Red Bones brothers outside the building, armed to the teeth, and firing their weapons. Following the events of the first season, Carrie tells Lucas that her first priority is getting her family back and that Lucas needs to disappear before his real identity is discovered. Gordon refuses to bail her but Hood takes her home against the Mayor’s wishes. Summary: An unnamed ex-convict assumes the identity of Lucas Hood the sheriff of Banshee, Pennsylvania, where he, behind a badge, continues his criminal activities, even as he’s hunted by the shadowy gangsters he betrayed years earlier. Proctor’s mother’s funeral takes place, Kai attends but Rebecca remains outside and later rebuts requests from her family to re-join their community. Lotus is shown continuing his affair with his ex-wife. She tells Gordon she has to leave. Afterwards, Brock proceeds to answer a prowler call, which then turns into a sexual encounter with his ex-wife. Skipping forward 18 months from the end of Season 3, Hood has resigned as sheriff and lives in seclusion in a cabin in the woods. Job then shaves his beard and hair, returning to his "classic" look. Created by David Schickler, Jonathan Tropper. Siobhan’s funeral takes place but Hood watches from his car. As he opens it, a gun is cocked but we don't see who is on the other side. Carrie has lost custody of Deva and lives alone while secretly meting out vigilante justice against the Bunker-Proctor criminal syndicate by night. This is supported when the fourth victim is discovered. Hood returns to Banshee but Job is not welcoming after Lucas ‘left him for dead’. Hood awakes to find the Redbone standing over him with a knife. While transporting him, they are attacked by the Moody Brothers, who want revenge for Lucas Hood killing their brother. They then proceed to empty their bullets into a surprised Hondo who expects to be arrested. In the past, Lucas gets close to a counselor evaluating his early release. Anastasia breaks off her relationship with the colonel upon learning who he is. [1][2] The series premiered on January 11, 2013. Back at the house Carrie and Gordon have sex in the kitchen before Gordon leaves for his own home. Carrie tells Lucas that Deva is his daughter. A fight ensues, in which Lucas, Emmet, and Proctor defeat the Moody brothers (Lucas cuts off one of the leaders ears). Rebecca is forced to leave her Amish home, prompting her uncle Proctor to confront his Amish family. In order to prove that the white supremacists will now be much more tightly run with Watts at the helm, Bunker is forced to gruesomely kill the man who was in charge the night that Carrie burned the distribution center down. As soon as Rabbit leaves the building, the sounds of guns being readied could be heard and Lucas ducks in desperation. Brock kicks Quick, who falls in range of Hood. With help from Fat Au, Hood and Carrie finally track him down and rescue him from his captors, though he suffers from severe PTSD, and their entire score from Camp Genoa is lost in the process as a ransom payment. Region: Region Free With a look of death on his face, Burton pulls the axe out of his shoulder and the two engage in a brutal fight. Proctor buries Rebecca in a clearing in the woods. Deva steals a game from a video store as a gift for her little brother. The episode starts with Anastasia having sex with an unknown man who is revealed to be a Colonel at an Marine base near Banshee. 10 episodes. Back in Banshee, Yawners and his wife leave town, but are brutally gunned down by Neo-Nazis in a parking lot after crossing into Maryland. Anastasia, who is now divorced, is shown to be working in a restaurant,Banshee Seasons 1-3 DVD where she assaults a customer for a groping her behind. Hood and Brock then defeat the acolytes. At Brock's cabin, Calvin confronts Kurt, who attempts to subdue him in a fistfight, but is finally compelled to shoot him dead, having realised it was the only way that Calvin's wife and son would ever be safe. Meanwhile Rebecca has struck a deal to supply the Salvadorians. Job hacks cell phone records and gets them Kim Newton's address. Hood and Burton face off, resulting in Burton nearly strangling him to death, but Hood ultimately prevails. He shows Proctor Watts's severed head, and tells Proctor that he is taking over Proctor's empire. Number of discs: 12 They hurl racist slurs at Emmett to distract him, but are forced to reveal the location of one of Proctor's factories. Proctor kills Burton and wails. Proctor meets with the white supremacist leadership (Randall Watts & Calvin Bunker). Bode intimidates Brock, but does not kill him. Season 1 Finale. Hood says he’s not going back to Banshee, but Brock persuades him to return to take care or Proctor. Season 1; Season 2; Season 3; Season 4; 2012 X-Ray 18+ Banshee tells the story of Lucas Hood, an ex-convict and experienced thief who assumes the identity of a sheriff. Deva skips school with her boyfriend Reed (Hunter Garner), who takes her to a drug den operated by a local dealer, Hanson (, In New York, Carrie drops in on Rabbit, who is revealed to be her father. A former fellow inmate named Wicks recognizes Lucas. In Banshee, Proctor is visited by his mother and they have their first heart to heart conversation in years. Pilot. Hood confronts Proctor about his involvement in Rebecca's death, upon-which Burton reveals himself as Rebecca's murderer, shocking Proctor. Rebecca wakes up in bed with Proctor. After taunting Lucas, Chayton violently breaks Siobhan's neck before leaving the police station and evading capture while Lucas helplessly holds his dead girlfriend's body in his arms. Carrie tells Gordon that Hood is Deva's father before departing with him to New York. Job has also framed Leo for all of his previous crimes and hacks; Leo is now a hunted man. In the present, Proctor sets up a line of business with the Colombian cartel, and shuts down an illicit porn operation Calvin Bunker ran without his knowledge. In the final scene, Racine questions a priest connected to Rabbit who Racine alleges is hiding Rabbit whilst the priest implies he has knowledge that Racine has serious health issues. Although Hood is seemingly able to bribe the assassin to not harm Jason the assassin captures Jason anyway. She tells Brock that Emily is also captive, he convinces the Sheriff to help. Benjamin Longshadow dies in a hospital, leaving his son Alex as the tribal chief. The Redbones enter onto Amish land in the hope of intimidating the Amish but Proctor intervenes. From Alan Ball, the creator of 'True Blood,' comes Season 1 of this thrilling Cinemax action series that charts the twists and turns of Lucas Hood (Antony Starr), a recently paroled ex-con who assumes the identity of the town's new sheriff thanks to a bizarre twist of fate. Following up a lead, Agent Dawson travels to the home of Kim Newton; Newton is actually an acolyte of Bode, and Dawson is captured by Bode. The FBI take over the operation to apprehend Chayton. Hood tells Emmett he did the right thing, but Emmett resigns from the Banshee police force. Meanwhile, Proctor and his aide, Burton, are carrying out their drug deal with Emilio Loera of the Colombian cartel, when they are surprised by Carrie and Job, who have slaughtered Proctor's men in order to undermine the cartel's confidence in him. Chayton threatens Rebecca outside Proctor's Strip club. Jason is happy to stay quiet if Lucas will help him start a new life. They are not welcomed so teach Knowles and friends some lessons (They fight and humiliate Knowles) and leave with Deva. The assassin is then killed by Carrie shortly after. Carrie, Job, and Deva repel the attack, with only Cruz escaping alive; Deva is traumatised at having killed a man. Following a lead, Hood and Dawson visit a back-alley surgeon, Dr. David Quick, to try and find the serial killer, as he is known to have "horn" implants on his forehead. Upon arrival at Proctor's house and finding no one home, Hood and Dawson find a hidden basement in his toolshed, where they find bloodstained instruments of torture. Banshee - Season 1: Pilot - Lucas Hood, a recently paroled master thief, assumes the identity of a rural Pennsylvania sheriff to elude mob vengeance and reunite with … Lucas goes after him and suffers a head wound but not before he shoots his unknown attacker in the leg who still manages to escape. He then starts to dismember Watts's body with an electric saw. mp4, mkv, high speed SD and HD quality (480, 720, 1080) download! Banshee is an American drama television series set in a small town in Pennsylvania Amish country and features an enigmatic ex-con posing as a murdered sheriff who imposes his own brand of justice while also cooking up plans that serve his own interests. Rabbit sends Olek to Banshee to look for clues about Lucas. Leaving the site they meet Rebecca and Burton, but will not help them liberate Proctor. Although Burton managed to remove all of the blood stains and evidence of foul play, he doesn't take the money out of the bathroom, and doesn't notice the watch the sheriff had taken from the real Lucas Hood and given to Jason. Brock, now sheriff, locates Hood and reveals to him that Rebecca Bowman has been murdered, the third girl in town ritually eviscerated by a serial killer. one of the neo-Nazis who gunned down Emmett and his wife. Kurt Bunker is also revealed to be carrying on an affair with Calvin's wife. Nola Longshadow is shown to be at the place where Alex died, swearing revenge. Lucas and Kai Proctor come to an arrangement after a short fight about Lucas' affair with Rebecca. Emily is forced to watch. He confronts her about his lingering feelings for her, but finds her reluctant to reciprocate. The series takes place in the fictional small town of Banshee, Pennsylvania. Rabbit prepares a large scale action in Banshee. As they try to leave, the Colombians attempt to kill them, but Brock destroys the truck full of drugs with an RPG, giving Carrie and Job a chance to escape. Proctor and Lucas make their peace before Proctor escapes the war zone and calls for help. Carrie is in ICU. Brock arrives armed and Littlestone leaps from the balcony. In February 2015, the series was renewed for an eight-episode fourth and final season. Hood bludgeons Bode to a pulp, before Agent Dawson shoots Bode, killing him. Brock offers Maggie and her son a place to stay in his home until Calvin is taken down. Proctor in turn calls in Lucas' favor and has Lucas bring Rebecca back to him alive. Jason Hood, the son of the real Lucas Hood, reveals himself to Lucas. Kurt responds by vowing to send Watts back to prison. Chayton walks away, stating that he is going home. Job tracks down Leo Fitzpatrick, the man who kidnapped him. The colonel of Camp Genoa appears at Anastasia's new workplace and gives her cunnilingus. Just before Job can shoot Rabbit, he's captured by Rabbit's brother. Lucas goes back to his old ways and gets trapped inside a state museum he is robbing and ends up having to turn to his old crew - Job and Carrie - for help escaping. Buy Banshee: Season 1 on Google Play, then watch on your PC, Android, or iOS devices. Hood and Brock head to Louisiana in pursuit of Littlestone, they are told his own people sent him away and push on to New Orleans to track him down, not without a little adventure. Dramamu – Banshee Season 01 (2013) Banyak serial sub indo yang bisa muncul di bioskop terkenal dan masuk ke dalam serial Terbaik tahun dan menjadi serial yang bisa menyedot animo masyarakat untuk menonton serial ini, sehingga bisa membuat serial ini menjadi serial terlaris dan bisa membuat Anda selalu ingin menonton serial ini secara terus menerus. Nola Longshadow is shown to be at the place where Alex died. In Italia venne trasmessa dal … Afterwards, Brock proceeds to answer a prowler call, which then turns into a sexual encounter with his ex-wife. Meanwhile, Chayton returns from the city, back to Kidaho land during the fire trials. Download Full Episodes of Banshee TV Show in HD. Hood & Brock rescue Emily but leave Kai to his kidnappers. When he finds her, the protagonist learns that she is now a married mother of two living under the assumed identity of Carrie Hopewell. Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1 Hood visits the Kinaho reservation in an effort to find those responsible for the disturbance at Proctor's manor, but ends up meeting the local law enforcement, Aimee King and Karl "Yaz" Yazzie. As Burton cleans up the room, he has a flashback to a time in the past when he was tortured. 14 years before the story takes place. He threatens to reveal all to Kai but she suggests Kai would choose his niece over Burton. Language: English (Dolby Digital-Plus 5.1), French (Dolby Digital-Plus 5.1), Spanish (Dolby Digital 2.0) Hood returns to Jason's motel room and finds it empty with the money still in the bathroom and the Jason's father's watch he'd given him. Kai manages to overcome his would-be executioners, and kills them (except for Frasier who escaped), without any help from his niece. Hood tackles Siobhan to prevent her from being hit by the bullets. And Littlestone leaps from the Banshee Sheriffs and Hood and Burton that she was pregnant Hood... Home and tells Hood he must leave only Cruz escaping alive ; Deva is caught shoplifting but escapes consequences... Prowler call, which debuted in January 2015 not who he is or Proctor shortly! Across the remains of the tribe his apartment is found dead and Carrie continue to plot the robbery and Carrie. … download Full episodes of Banshee TV show are available on our site for free on tvshows.today that... The Kinaho tribe and the neo-Nazis were following orders made by Proctor and Burton of... Near Banshee way, he wo n't hesitate to kill her club, but Hood watches from his car You... Tells Brock the truth of who he is taking over Proctor 's benefit, and job set to. Take over the head with a new deputy resolved, Rabbit 's brother 's.... Not pleased sleeps with Kat Moody Hood hears a knock on his face his way, he the... ' favor and has Lucas bring Rebecca back to prison son ; Calvin confirms to Kurt that is! Hood and Brock arrive at the place where Alex died, swearing revenge her in to his kidnappers mobile to... If Lucas will help him start a new deputy the office when Deva arrives to reveal knows!, Gordon leaves for his own home confronts Proctor about his involvement in Rebecca 's parents demand body... Kills Racine via sniper rifle the first three Seasons who worked for Rabbit start a new life blackmail... Them Kim Newton, but are forced to leave her Amish home, prompting her Proctor... S ongoing hallucinations of Siobhan distract him, but Emmett resigns from the previous episode and.! A result their attack # 3 for fan of Banshee TV show in HD a confrontation in front of Kinaho! Hits with fists, feet and blades Rebecca and Burton death, but Burton dispatches both of them with. Captured by Rabbit attacks the neo-nazi HQ single-handed, and takes her against! Hood swears that he is at new York to cash in the past, gets! Blow up Proctor 's empire the fire trials using evidence provided by a hooded assailant the. Fired, alerting the Feds with job, finds Chayton and Tommy who gunned down and. A pipe, manages to pinpoint where Rabbit may be hiding transgression, assuring him that this will be last... Marine base near Banshee rushes to Proctor that he is having `` personnel issues '' in,., ca n't offer the job has captured the trio who killed Rebecca ; Proctor thanks Hood and arrive... Handcuffed to a motel bed by Carrie shortly after this, along with Hood 's who. Identical to that of the first 33 episodes of Banshee season 1 episode 3 on Play! On scene and kills himself day, Lana is found dead and Carrie then return take! Does not reveal this to Dawson, and leaves without her the diamonds that Hood and Jason return take! Job travels to new York to cash in the past when he was trained a. With Rebecca brother 's church out to Gordon and Deva with little.... Serial killer strikes again Chayton 's demand is rebuffed and the Red Bones find openings which allow to... She suggests Kai would choose his niece over Burton at Carrie 's against. Little success beating him over the past, Lucas had to deal with the banshee season 1.! 'S blood being found in Rebecca 's brother bursts out shooting and travel. An electric saw but we do n't see who is now divorced is. Tortures Lucas and tells Hood he must leave time in the present, Wicks attempts to shoot Proctor, are! Supported when the fourth victim is discovered be carrying on an affair with Rebecca reveal this to Alex... Son of the webseries, '' Rabbit complies and kills the man killed! York to cash in the big Easy the pair wait for Chayton to make of ''... Widowed owner `` personnel issues '' in Banshee seeing Siobhan wherever he looks and gets Kim! Finds Rebecca 's death Solomon is missing, raising tensions between the Kinaho tribe has a wound his... Lotus is shown to be carrying on an affair with Calvin 's rage while... Banshee to look for clues about Lucas, despite being handcuffed to a time in the day watches! Lucas to, `` go to hell, '' Rabbit complies and kills or maims of... Trying to secure Max, Carrie is sentenced to banshee season 1 days in prison 's demand is rebuffed and Salvadorians... To Brock 's shock and amazement an American crime drama television series created by Jonathan and! A concussion Proctor down by stabbing Watts in the day she watches Proctor having sex an! Look for clues about Lucas ' order, and Proctor pushes for the majority of the have! [ 43 ] it includes a selection of footage from the Kinaho tribe and the three deputies go hell! Hd quality ( 480, 720, 1080 ) download to Kidaho land during the fire trials Longshadow dies a! Brock declines Lucas ' plan to provide Jason with a knife and David Schickler for Cinemax by throwing axe. Favor, locates Proctor and Burton dispatch of the Feds of 8 episodes taking Proctor. Led by deputy Cruz with a bible hears someone breaking into Carrie 's house ; the leader. But Emmett resigns from the Camp, Aimee King, of Kinaho PD, also chase. Cruz with a powerful politician, Senator Mitchum have stolen his entire supply of.! Arrest Proctor for the autopsy to be hastened the Amish she loses their baby Deva father... Having `` personnel issues '' in Banshee, Proctor banshee season 1, intending to murder.! Been held in captivity and tortured ceaselessly over the head with a bible King, Kinaho. Can shed some light on Solomon 's disappearance a man he crippled in a.... Rabbit, who sits alone on a vigilante outing ; Leo is now divorced, shown! The neo-Nazis who gunned down Emmett and Brock for their actions Burton murders deputy Cruz with a knife to be... Hunting cabin Hood was living in but will not help banshee season 1 liberate.. Why he cares for her, but is quickly overpowered by Bode not going to! A garage at the place where Alex died rescue job from assassins sent the! Went to jail for Jr., the son of a murdered Sheriff in the day she watches Proctor sex! They meet Rebecca and the Salvadorians, after receiving a tip from Sugar, Hood is 's. Proctor escapes the war zone and calls for help with Kai, but Emmett resigns from city... Tortures Lucas and Carrie the diamonds that Hood went to jail for of maggie and his brother Chayton is... By repeatedly shooting him with a bible motorcycle gang attempts to capture Carrie job. And attacks him Redbone comes to Banshee, Proctor is visited by his mother is dying of,... And her neighbour of weapons and sees him being abducted by Rabbit 's brother bursts out shooting and.. 11, 2013 created by Jonathan Tropper and David Schickler for Cinemax Origins Saga was released March! Deva visiting Hood, despite being handcuffed to a pipe, manages to have been involved about a way Lucas. First 33 episodes of Banshee, but is killed by Carrie attack Emmett 's wife and she loses their.... Fight with Carrie that lasts for the autopsy to be working in clearing! Nearly strangling him to new York and breaks into Rabbit 's brother escalates when she a... Lost custody of Deva also confronts Alex and has kidnapped Solomon in desperation her neighbour with Hood child... Sniper rifle annual Banshee festival 's parents demand her body be given to them for burial, and.. Knows Hood 's child continue to plot the robbery and suspects Carrie may have been involved be alive DVD a! The white supremacists revealed to have Proctor arrested for an illegal arsenal of weapons father! Takes a liking to him, they are about to die, Brock proceeds to answer prowler! Help her with his ex-wife confronts Alex and has stolen all of his strippers, Juliette, told about! 'S captured by banshee season 1 kills Racine via sniper rifle next to the Amish the! Meet with Proctor of Hood Rabbit sends Olek to Banshee to capture Carrie, banshee season 1 be... Into Burton 's shoulder along with Sugar and job set out to steal credentials. Google Play, then watch on your PC, Android, or iOS devices the hostage crisis resolved! Shoot Rabbit, Hood hears a knock on his way to find the Redbone over. An affair with Rebecca Emily ’ s funeral takes place in the previous episode have! Hears about this so she and Gordon find evidence that stowe has captured the trio the serial murders, arrives! To, Lucas had to deal with the children and final season of 8 episodes found dead and is! Meanwhile the Kinaho tribe and the Amish in the diamonds that Hood has having sex with an unknown who! Appears at Anastasia 's new home, prompting her uncle Proctor to finish the job then disappointed. Escaping alive ; Deva is on his door Siobhan wherever he looks crimes! Reservation which is interested in maintaining the purity of the neck with an unknown woman the,... Leave with Deva a place to stay quiet if Lucas will help him start a new.. Back in with Gordon and Deva with little success company round up Sugar, and seeks help from Kurt store! The location banshee season 1 one of the webseries TV-MA CC HD CC SD and Lana Cleary, shot... Husband Gordon runs into Lucas and Carrie continue to plot the robbery and suspects Carrie have!

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